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All programs below, plus more are included in your Get TriFIT membership. You get on-demand access to an extensive library of workouts with new workouts added each week. Best of all, every workout is 20 minutes! 

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When you HIIT Play, you not only get a killer, focused 20-minute workout, you get coaching you normally only experience in an one-on-one personal training session.

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Meet Your Coach and Personal Trainer, Amy Moss-Archambault

Drawing from her need to balance a busy life with three young kids and the volume of time it took to train for the World Triathalon Championships representing Canada, Amy designed a strength training program that delivered powerful, lean muscles that could perform over and over again, while still training cardiovascular strength – all in a short period of time.

What are people saying

"Finished LIFT20!!! So proud of myself.

I never thought of myself as an athlete, but TriFIT and LIFT 20 redefines the word athlete as something we can all achieve with a little time, sweat and motivation from you Amy. Thanks for making my body look as strong as I feel on the inside! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻"

<p><span style="color: rgb(21, 27, 38);" >Cindy M.</span></p>, <p></p>

Cindy M.

“I absolutely love TriFIT workouts! They are easy to use anywhere, anytime and they challenge me every time! For someone who found it hard to stick to a routine, Amy makes the videos interesting, interactive and fun; which means, I want to do them 5 days a week. The results are fantastic, I feel stronger and I can see changes in my body. I can’t say enough about this program!”

<p><span style="color: #000000ff;" >Leslie M.</span></p>, <p></p>

Leslie M.

"A month ago I decided to do something for myself, I start doing something that I have never done in my life. I could not have imagined the changes I would see in my body and mind 30 days ago. I've lost pounds, inches, and negative thoughts of myself. Bring on the next 30 days! The habit has been formed!"

<p>N. Anderson</p>, <p></p>

N. Anderson

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Together We Are Stronger

<p><span class="text-xl">Community &amp; Accountability</span></p>

Community & Accountability

We are an extensive global community – who are all on the same journey. All joined in sweat working towards the same goal of lasting health

<p><span class="text-xl">Support And Guidance</span></p>

Support And Guidance

We give you the tools, encouragement and guidance during each workout to bring you back to form and function to ensure that you are successful.

<p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" ><span class="text-xl">​​400+ Workout Videos</span></span></p>

​​400+ Workout Videos

No matter your experience level, Get TriFIT workouts are adaptive to everyone and leave you feeling strong and powerful.

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Exercise On Your Schedule

​​No matter where you are in the world, Get TriFIT workouts are available on-demand at any time. All you need is 20 minutes. Access any of the Get TriFIT programs from all your devices.

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