Meet Your Coach and Personal Trainer, Amy Moss-Archambault


Becoming a world class athlete wasn’t something Amy dreamed of as a child, it’s something she accidentally fell into - after having 3 children. After leaving the finance world to focus on her family, Amy discovered the sport of triathlon. Within 3 years of her first race, she was competing for Canada at the International Triathlon Union World Championships while raising 3 kids under the age of 6.

Her training was unconventional but the ingenuity she brought to her athletic training gave birth to a business that would span the globe, inspiring women to push their physical limits without sacrificing time.

Amy developed a method to increase power, endurance and strength in 20 minutes - with or without equipment, all while making the impossible seem possible. By combining the lessons she learned about mental resilience as an athlete and behavioural science with her method of training she launched Get TriFIT, a global online fitness solution.

Amy is ...

  • An internationally ranked athlete

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Sports Conditioning Coach

  • Certified Fitness Kickboxing Coach

  • Certified Metabolic Coach

  • Monthly Contributor to Brainz Magazine


Complete one year at the studio – a year of consistently showing up and earn your purple. The TriFIT purple shirt. The shirt represents sweat, hard work, overcoming physical and mental obstacles, and most of all the days you just didn’t want to work out but showed up. A year of learning to say I can instead of I can’t. A year of learning you are strong, you are powerful and you can achieve anything you set your sights on.

Purple is synonymous with commitment, pride, power, strength, vitality and accomplishment in the studio. It cannot be bought, it must be earned in sweat.

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