Meet Your Coach and Personal Trainer, Amy Moss-Archambault


Drawing from my need to balance a busy life with three young kids and the volume of time it took to train for the ITU World Championships, I designed a strength training program that delivered powerful, lean muscles that could perform over and over again, while still training cardiovascular strength – all in a short period of time.  

This gave birth to TriFIT. By never repeating a workout, every muscle group is worked in a different way each time, ensuring you never plateau. It also diminishes injury by reducing repetitive injury. And it’s never boring!

The workout evolves with your fitness, always pushing and demanding more of you. No matter where you are in your fitness journey or your background these workouts deliver results and give you a place to start. They are addictive! You come to love the rush of finishing the last round, feeling the sweat running down your back as you crush out another workout – knowing you are stronger than yesterday.


Complete one year at the studio – a year of consistently showing up and earn your purple. The TriFIT purple shirt. The shirt represents sweat, hard work, overcoming physical and mental obstacles, and most of all the days you just didn’t want to work out but showed up. A year of learning to say I can instead of I can’t. A year of learning you are strong, you are powerful and you can achieve anything you set your sights on.

Purple is synonymous with commitment, pride, power, strength, vitality and accomplishment in the studio. It cannot be bought, it must be earned in sweat.


How do you write your own story into a paragraph? I can list autobiographical details … a mother to three amazing kids, an athlete – even raced wearing a Canadian maple leaf, a certified personal trainer, an accredited financial advisor even, lover of books and outdoor adventures … but there is so much more.

The underlying basis for every choice I make or made is the opportunity to not only help and educate people, but to empower them.

We are full of stories we’ve either written about ourselves or are written for us that hold us back and fill us with self doubt. Whether it’s I’m bad at managing money or I’m clumsy or I’m not athletic,  we’ve been told or tell ourselves these stories until they feel true. I’ve spent my adult life helping people take control of their narrative and write a new story. A story about strength, perseverance, determination and accomplishment. My purpose is to help people discover how truly strong they are.

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