“Now that I’ve started I want to keep it up. I wanted to lose 30lbs before my wedding. I surpassed that in less than 2 months. Now that I see I can do this, I want to keep it up.” – A. Tami


"I used to find it hard to get to a gym 3 to 4 days a week, and here I am on my NINTH month of consecutive days working out/moving. I just keep on, keeping on! "


"Taking myself outside of my comfort zone every single workout. Just when I think I have it, I'm thrown another curveball. Keeping me on my toes, always!"


"This was the video I didn't know I needed to hear today after the week I've had. Not sick, but this week has been a struggle, beating myself up about only doing 1 video or none at all when I know I have the capacity to do more...but like you said...I need to be and kind and I showed up in the way my body needed me to this week."

"The workouts actually feel a little simpler or more "doable" but I think as I'm so much stronger now I can dig in more and I've been so sore all month! Definitely good sore! So seems easier but obviously working my body harder. I love the program. I've grown leaps and bounds since starting in March. Thank you!"

Tara A.

<p>Tara A.</p>, <p></p>

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"Finished LIFT20!!! So proud of myself.

I never thought of myself as an athlete, but TriFIT and LIFT 20 redefines the word athlete as something we can all achieve with a little time, sweat and motivation from you Amy. Thanks for making my body look as strong as I feel on the inside! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻"

<p><span style="color: rgb(21, 27, 38);" >Cindy M.</span></p>, <p></p>

Cindy M.

“I absolutely love TriFIT workouts! They are easy to use anywhere, anytime and they challenge me every time! For someone who found it hard to stick to a routine, Amy makes the videos interesting, interactive and fun; which means, I want to do them 5 days a week. The results are fantastic, I feel stronger and I can see changes in my body. I can’t say enough about this program!”

<p><span style="color: #000000ff;" >Leslie M.</span></p>, <p></p>

Leslie M.

"A month ago I decided to do something for myself, I start doing something that I have never done in my life. I could not have imagined the changes I would see in my body and mind 30 days ago. I've lost pounds, inches, and negative thoughts of myself. Bring on the next 30 days! The habit has been formed!"

<p>N. Anderson</p>, <p></p>

N. Anderson

It keeps me motivated to hit it everyday!

“I hesitated before signing up for TriFIT because I was already running and working out at home regularly. Although I was keeping active I knew I needed to push myself harder and found this difficult without a group to keep me accountable and a trainer to keep my eyes on the prize.

So I joined Amy’s challenge on a whim. I really enjoy having the ability to do the workouts on my own schedule while seeing the community of the group posting their accomplished workouts. It keeps me motivated to hit it everyday!

I’ve noticed after the first month: inches lost, muscles looking toned, an overall improved attitude towards my physical fitness goals and drive to continue to push myself further on my runs.

I challenge myself harder in each workout! I’m looking forward to continuing over the summer and seeing the changes I am seeing now becoming noticeable faster!”

– J. Woodfine

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“I’ve been posting a lot of sweaty pictures lately. I feel stronger! I am healthier!! And most of all I am more confident!!! I truly cannot wait for day 30 to post the end of my first month’s journey comparison pictures. @gettrifit I am not going anywhere, truly amazing program. #challengeaccepted”

<p><span style="color: #000000ff;" >J. Niddrie</span></p>, <p></p>

J. Niddrie

If you asked me four months ago if I could do LIFT 20, I'd say no way. Thank you TriFIT for believing in me and encouraging me along the way.

Best Program Ever!

<p>S. Bushwack</p>, <p></p>

S. Bushwack

"Omg! That 4 min wall sit! Insane! But I did it! Without the help of a brick wall this time! It helped immensely at the 2min mark when you said to focus on the crunch instead of the legs. It's pretty amazing how shifting your area of focus allows you to push through! Once again, thanks for helping coach us through it!"

<p></p>, <p></p>

I am stronger, more focused and so proud of my first 30 days.

As an (almost!) 40-year-old mom, my needs often come second to the kids, the husband, the job. I decided the time had come to put some effort into myself.

Cue Amy and her TriFIT challenge.

What appealed to me right away was that the workouts are geared for 20 minutes....20 minutes a day for me I could do.

The things that hooked me are too many to count. Most importantly, Amy is AMAZING - always taking the time to answer my questions, praise my successes and willing to meet me at my fitness level (not hers!) The variety in the workouts is phenomenal! They are always changing, never the same, and keep me wanting to come back for more. Her friends and family make appearances and have me laughing through each session.

I am stronger, more focused and so proud of my first 30 days. I can't wait to see what the next 30 bring.

- Natasha Mellikov-Delong

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