July 05, 2023

I turn 46 today. My birthday is always a time I like to reflect on what I've achieved, what I need to work on and where I want to go.

Over the past year this word "longevity" has become a force in my life. I live a relatively healthy life. I exercise almost daily, eat well with some indulgences and get adequate but not quality sleep. Compared to most I live a healthy life but am I living a long life?

From day one of creating Get TriFIT I shared my view on exercise and nutrition; namely, that we should see movement and nutrition as a daily supplement we take to achieve optimum health. That movement is nature's anti-depressant and nutrition is medicine for the body

And I whole heartedly believe these things but it isn't enough - not enough if we want to live a long life of QUALITY.

The key words are long life and quality. Does anyone want to live a long life with poor health or worse as an empty vessel? I think deep down that is our biggest fear and we do EVERYTHING we can to put our head in the sand and ignore it.

Ignorance may be bliss short term but long term it is a silent killer. We must stop chasing a number on the scale or a dress size or some magical number of weight loss. We must stop seeing exercise and nutrition as these monoliths in our lives by always focusing on what we haven't done or worse ... the latest fad.

We DO need to start seeing exercise, nutrition and SLEEP for what they are .. the building blocks of our physical and mental health both currently and in the future. Most importantly exercise, sleep and nutrition are absolutely key to longevity. Living a long life of quality. AND THEY ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE AND RELATIVELY LOW COST.

I will not promise you weight loss. Yep, read that one again. I DO NOT promise weight loss. I will provide you with tools, strategies, coaching, support and programs for longevity

This requires honesty of what you are doing, what you want to do and what you are willing to do. It requires taking control and saying I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP

Health starts and ends with you. And I am all in to help you live a long life.

Ready to start?

Whether you are a current member, past member or hopeful a soon-to-be new member, it is never too late to start but you need to start. Starting means taking small daily actions that compound over time to build a healthy, long life on your terms not dictated by chronic disease. It starts with something as simple as 10 minutes of movement and shifting one aspect of your nutrition.

ALL OF THIS IS DO ABLE. I am here to help. I am always available through messaging, email and coaching calls. You are not in this alone but you do have to reach out and ASK.

Reach out here or through the comments on the website. I am one click away to helping you build a life of longevity.

You just need to say ..... YES