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January 07, 2023

I'm kicking off a ReSET nutrition challenge - this is not a diet, but instead a system to create a sustainable way to eat healthy, nutrient dense food while still loving your life.

We need to change our relationship with food. Food nourishes us and heals us but our fast paced lives and easy access to premade, highly processed foods mean we sacrifice quality/health for ease.

The ReSET program is about creating positive relationships with food by showing you how to change the composition of your plate, what's on your plate and how to change your behaviour so instead of grabbing take out, you grab the food you made before you leave the house.

What can you expect?

  • guidelines and visual aids on what your plates should look like

  • food charts highlighting what I call 3X foods, foods packed with nutrition

  • trackers to help keep you stay motivated

  • daily videos to help guide your choices

  • elimination of certain food and drinks to help focus on rebuilding a positive relationship with food while seeing if certain foods may be sabotaging your best intentions by causing bloating, water retention, heightened cravings, hormone disruption, etc. Reintroduction of some foods and drinks after challenge is complete

  • daily posts with recipes and tips to help the new behaviours stick on the TriFIT Get Social Page

What this isn't...

  • There are no premade meal plans because we all have different tastes and preference. Instead I provide guidelines that fit your exisiting diet

  • There is no calorie counting or carb counting

Choose your focus:

For Weight Loss Prioritise in order:

  1. Protein

  2. Veggies (colourful veggies grown above ground)

  3. Water - no alcohol or caffiene

  4. Healthy Fats

  5. Alternate grains with small portion size (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)

  6. Fruit (low fructose fruits like berries)

To improve Gut Health:

  1. Veggies (dark leafy greens, veggies rich in vitamin C and K)

  2. Healthy Fats (seeds, nuts)

  3. Protein (beans and seafood)

  4. Alternate grains (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)

  5. Water - no alcohol

  6. Fruit (low fructose fruits like berries)

To improve immune system/ overall health:

  1. Veggies (eat the rainbow)

  2. Protein (well sourced protetin, beans and seafood with high vitamin D & zinc)

  3. Water

  4. Fruit (eat the rainbow)

  5. Healthy Fats

  6. Alternate grains (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)

The ReSET program is available on the website. It includes:

  • a lengthy list and categories of foods to help you maximize your nutrition

  • a workbook explaining the reasons for the choices and nutrition 101, plus my philosophy towards nutrition

  • daily coaching videos 3-5 mins in length

  • WHY we need to eliminate certain food and drinks


Can you do this challenge without the ReSET program?
Yes, but you get more knowledge, tools and support using the program. You do need to be a Get TriFIT member either by purchasing ReSET or having a subscription

I already bought ReSET. Do I need to buy it again?
No, once you bought ReSET you own it for life. The purpose of ReSET is to keep reusing the process until you find the right habits to maintain your nutrition choices. If you are an ALL ACCESS MEMBER (previously Dive Deep) or a Personal Training Client (One on One Coaching) you have full access to ReSET

What is the cost of ReSET?
ReSET is a one time cost of $20 CAD

Each Day, starting Monday January 9th, I post a tip, recipe and video to the Get Social Page to help you and inspire you over the next 28 days. Track your progress and comment on the daily posts to stay accountable. Celebrate your success and share your struggles. The page is completely private and only TriFIT members can see/respond to your post.

Accountability ...

  • Use the Get Social posts to stay accountable

  • Email me ( as you need for help

  • Submit your tracker each week by email to Please note this is about a perfectly checked tracker but instead identity what your are focusing on and do your best to check the priority groups. Or choose one habit (like more veggies or more protein). I want to support your choices not stress you about what you are not achieving.

Habits are about long term, so please remember this is not about perfection but a starting place to making better food choices you can sustain.

Now who is ready to ReSET their Nutrition? ~ Comment below