March 02, 2023
• Edited (Apr 25, 2023)

I designed Level Up to be an intermediate to advance program for those TriFIT members who not only wanted to push themselves but could HIIT RePlay over and over again on Level Up and still experience gains.

How you get more is by challenging your weight and depth of movement. After finishing filming LIFT Max I knew I had gained significant muscle. Specifically bulk muscle.

Cycling is a term you hear in the fitness industry and it refers to the cycles of training you go through.

  • First you "bulk" or build muscle

  • Second you lean the muscle

  • Third you had power or explosive movement

Level Up combines the second and third phase beautifully over a 6 month period. By combining LIFT Max you have a 9 month cycle of training that cycle after cycle will continue to challenge and strengthen you.

When I filmed Day 10 I used a 15lb kettle bell for the entire workout. Today I used a 20lb kettle bell for 2 rounds, 25lb kettle bell for 2 rounds and a 30lb kettle for the last round. I can truly say this is a new PB for me and I am excited to achieve many more PB's HIITing RePlay on Level Up.

I know it's tempting to jump around and do the videos you enjoy but I invite and strongly encourage you to do a complete program from beginning to end. These programs are written to bring the best out of you and your body while building strength and BALANCE.

For People new to exercise I recommend:

HIIT10 beginner options -- Back 2 Basics -- HIIT10 advanced options -- HIIT20 --LIFT20

Looking to incorporate weights:

LIFT20 -- HIIT20 -- LIFT Max -- Level Up

Looking to maintain:

LIFT Max -- A Modified Level Up (2-3 days of Level Up, Next day cardio of your choice, Rest Day, Repeat until finished the Program)

Most importantly .... TRACK your progress. record how much you weight you lift, how confident you feel in the movements, if you complete the workout, your heart rate. All are measures of your progress.

Don't forget to share your wins with me! Post to the community board and celebrate. Plus, you just might inspire someone.

~ Amy, you coach and trainer ... and fellow TriFIT member