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August 14

I know ... what are macros? They are the large building blocks of what make up a plate (carbohydrates, protein, and fat). Most of the focus on nutrition and weigh loss is on the ratio of macros and total calorie consumption but the true magic of nutrition is how it heals our bodies and helps fortify our bodies. I talk in great detail in the TriFIT nutrition program, ReSET, about the power of food and how shifting our focus to what food does for us can help us make the necessary changes to our diet to build a healthy body. A body that is resilient to stress and chronic disease.

I was reminded about the power of food when I came across this article: The Science Behind An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

To learn how to make changes to your diet that serve your body today and tomorrow you can access the full ReSET program for just $20. You purchase and own the program for life, being able to download the workbook and videos coaching you through my philosophy and how I incorporate it into my family's daily meals.

~ Amy, your coach and trainer