Nutrition Challenge starts January 9th I'm kicking off a ReSET nutrition challenge - this is not a diet, but instead a system to create a sustainable way to eat healthy, nutrient dense food while still loving your life.We need to change our relationship with food. Food nourishes us and heals us but our fast paced lives and easy access to premade, highly processed foods mean we sacrifice quality/health for ease.The ReSET program is about creating positive relationships with food by showing you how to change the composition of your plate, what's on your plate and how to change your behaviour so instead of grabbing take out, you grab the food you made before you leave the house.What can you expect?guidelines and visual aids on what your plates should look likefood charts highlighting what I call 3X foods, foods packed with nutritiontrackers to help keep you stay motivateddaily videos to help guide your choiceselimination of certain food and drinks to help focus on rebuilding a positive relationship with food while seeing if certain foods may be sabotaging your best intentions by causing bloating, water retention, heightened cravings, hormone disruption, etc. Reintroduction of some foods and drinks after challenge is completedaily posts with recipes and tips to help the new behaviours stick on the TriFIT Get Social PageWhat this isn't...There are no premade meal plans because we all have different tastes and preference. Instead I provide guidelines that fit your exisiting dietThere is no calorie counting or carb countingChoose your focus:For Weight Loss Prioritise in order:ProteinVeggies (colourful veggies grown above ground)Water - no alcohol or caffieneHealthy FatsAlternate grains with small portion size (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)Fruit (low fructose fruits like berries)To improve Gut Health:Veggies (dark leafy greens, veggies rich in vitamin C and K)Healthy Fats (seeds, nuts)Protein (beans and seafood)Alternate grains (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)Water - no alcoholFruit (low fructose fruits like berries)To improve immune system/ overall health:Veggies (eat the rainbow)Protein (well sourced protetin, beans and seafood with high vitamin D & zinc)WaterFruit (eat the rainbow)Healthy FatsAlternate grains (quinoa, farro, kamut, brown rice, etc)The ReSET program is available on the website. It includes:a lengthy list and categories of foods to help you maximize your nutritiona workbook explaining the reasons for the choices and nutrition 101, plus my philosophy towards nutritiondaily coaching videos 3-5 mins in lengthWHY we need to eliminate certain food and drinksFAQ:Can you do this challenge without the ReSET program?Yes, but you get more knowledge, tools and support using the program. You do need to be a Get TriFIT member either by purchasing ReSET or having a subscriptionI already bought ReSET. Do I need to buy it again?No, once you bought ReSET you own it for life. The purpose of ReSET is to keep reusing the process until you find the right habits to maintain your nutrition choices. If you are an ALL ACCESS MEMBER (previously Dive Deep) or a Personal Training Client (One on One Coaching) you have full access to ReSETWhat is the cost of ReSET?ReSET is a one time cost of $20 CADEach Day, starting Monday January 9th, I post a tip, recipe and video to the Get Social Page to help you and inspire you over the next 28 days. Track your progress and comment on the daily posts to stay accountable. Celebrate your success and share your struggles. The page is completely private and only TriFIT members can see/respond to your post.Accountability ...Use the Get Social posts to stay accountableEmail me ( as you need for helpSubmit your tracker each week by email to Please note this is about a perfectly checked tracker but instead identity what your are focusing on and do your best to check the priority groups. Or choose one habit (like more veggies or more protein). I want to support your choices not stress you about what you are not achieving.Habits are about long term, so please remember this is not about perfection but a starting place to making better food choices you can sustain.Now who is ready to ReSET their Nutrition? ~ Comment below
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September 08, 2023

December 2022 I answered a request for a personal trainer. The poster was looking for a trainer who could carry a good conversation, laugh and help her to keep dead lifting more than her body weight. I met Dolores Luber.

At 84 years of age Dolores is an editor of a magazine, speaks 4 languages, belongs to several book clubs, is an avid dog lover, relishes sharing her children and grandchildren's exploits and is committed to living a long life by exercising everyday. She also loves to subvert authority and gets a devilish look in her eye when she can step just ever so slightly out of the rule box.

The lessons I am learning from Dolores are priceless. To live not just a long life, but a life that is worth living means you must ....

  1. Exercise daily. Not because you want too or to be a certain size but because you to need to be strong. You need strong bones so when you fall, you don't break. You need strong muscles to carry you all day. You need a strong heart. You need a strong mind. As Dolores would say, "You just do it! Of course I hurt some days. Of course I am tired, but I just do it!"

  2. Be productive. Give your day purpose. "We are meant to work!" Sitting idle is probably the closest thing to a sin for Dolores. If she isn't working on her magazine that supports retirees in the Jewish community, she is taking Hebrew lessons or preparing for one of several book clubs she belongs to. She works daily and in a way that gives back to those around her.

  3. Have a routine. Get up everyday at the same time, irrelevant if it is the weekend or a holiday. Structure your day around set activities. Start your day with movement. A body in motion stays in motion.

  4. Don't wait to start living and don't wait for the perfect moment. Listening to Dolores' adventures (she needs to write her memoirs) I realize she is where she is because she never let fear hold her back. She used and uses fear to push her into action. Did she stumble at times ... of course, we all do but she used any setback as a set up for something even bigger.

Dolores is a daily reminder that mindset is everything and how we choose to live our life is important. In today's world where we constantly are rewarded with instant gratification we forget or struggle with delayed gratification. To live a long life and a life worth living we need to embrace the long game. We need to act today in order to live tomorrow. It means taking action even if we are afraid or experienced set backs before. It means doing it when we don't want to. We need to stop living life from the sidelines and jumping in with 2 feet. To quote Dolores, we need to "just do it!"

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December 01, 2023
• Edited (Dec 01, 2023)

Dec 1 - Technical difficulties with the workout page

Hello everyone! Uscreen my hosting provider has notified me that they are experiencing technical difficulties with the workout page on all their sites and are working on it. 

If you have any questions please email me at

Thank you for your patience.

~ Amy

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November 28, 2023

The perfect snowy day drink

The snow is starting to fall in Southern Ontario and as I'm sitting by the fire enjoying my cinnamon tea I thought you might enjoy this drink too. It's easy to make, is full of antioxidants plus it helps improve focus. Best of all it smells like Christmas.

Steep a pot and sip away in the afternoon when the 1:00pm wall hits. Drop me a note if you try the tea and like it. I love hearing from you.

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November 21, 2023

Rainy days are soup days

I love this soup for lunch because it takes 10 mins to make and it's packed full of goodness: protein, amino acids, and natural occurring steroids to help boost the immune system

1 serving:

1 cup chicken stock

1 cup water

1 egg beaten

1 cup shredded spinach

1/4 cup Parmesan

Salt & pepper to taste

Bring the stock and water to a boil and then reduce to low

Whisk in the egg

Add the spinach to blanch

Grate Parmesan cheese

Add salt and pepper to taste


Eggs and Parmesan are whole proteins with all 9 essential amino acids. The chicken stock is packed with steroids. All helps boost your immune system and give the building blocks your body needs.

To learn why this is so important for our health, our ability to maintain muscle mass and to maintain a healthy metabolism check out the protein workshop in the TriFIT library.  Type "protein" in the search bar or go to tThe ReSET videos to watch the Protein Workshop.

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September 17, 2023

Introducing our revolutionary fitness program: Ignite! 

Designed to maximize metabolic function, this program is a game-changer for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals and optimize their overall health. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. It affects how efficiently you burn calories, regulate hormones, and even how well you sleep. 

Our program is expertly crafted to boost your metabolic function through a combination of targeted exercises, nutrition guidance, and lifestyle modifications. At the heart of Ignite x are dynamic workouts that get your heart pumping and your muscles working. These workouts are specifically designed to activate your metabolism by focusing on both cardiovascular and strength training - you’ll build lean muscle mass and increase your overall resting metabolic rate.

With your HIIT Play membership you receive 2 new Ignite workouts every week! PLUS, a tracker to help you to ignite all 4 components of your metabolism and of course, access to the extensive TriFIT video library (over 600 workouts waiting for you to HIIT Play).

But it doesn't stop there. 

If you subscribe to the "ALL ACCESS" membership you also receive:

  • guidance on how to fuel your body to increase your metabolism in monthly coaching calls

  • learn the science behind exercise and nutrition in monthly coaching calls

  • mindset coaching in monthly coaching calls

  • BONUS Ignite workout EVERY WEEK

  • 2 LIVE group workouts Monday and Wednesday 6am EST

All to ensure you are making the right choices to optimize your metabolic function. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your energy levels, or simply improve your overall well-being, Ignite has got you covered. Unlock the full potential of your metabolic function. 

You have 1 week to complete the workouts and then at the end of the week they DISAPPEAR! Only to be replaced with new workouts for a new week every Monday Morning.


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August 14, 2023

I know ... what are macros? They are the large building blocks of what make up a plate (carbohydrates, protein, and fat). Most of the focus on nutrition and weigh loss is on the ratio of macros and total calorie consumption but the true magic of nutrition is how it heals our bodies and helps fortify our bodies. I talk in great detail in the TriFIT nutrition program, ReSET, about the power of food and how shifting our focus to what food does for us can help us make the necessary changes to our diet to build a healthy body. A body that is resilient to stress and chronic disease.

I was reminded about the power of food when I came across this article: The Science Behind An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

To learn how to make changes to your diet that serve your body today and tomorrow you can access the full ReSET program for just $20. You purchase and own the program for life, being able to download the workbook and videos coaching you through my philosophy and how I incorporate it into my family's daily meals.

~ Amy, your coach and trainer

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July 05, 2023

I turn 46 today. My birthday is always a time I like to reflect on what I've achieved, what I need to work on and where I want to go.

Over the past year this word "longevity" has become a force in my life. I live a relatively healthy life. I exercise almost daily, eat well with some indulgences and get adequate but not quality sleep. Compared to most I live a healthy life but am I living a long life?

From day one of creating Get TriFIT I shared my view on exercise and nutrition; namely, that we should see movement and nutrition as a daily supplement we take to achieve optimum health. That movement is nature's anti-depressant and nutrition is medicine for the body

And I whole heartedly believe these things but it isn't enough - not enough if we want to live a long life of QUALITY.

The key words are long life and quality. Does anyone want to live a long life with poor health or worse as an empty vessel? I think deep down that is our biggest fear and we do EVERYTHING we can to put our head in the sand and ignore it.

Ignorance may be bliss short term but long term it is a silent killer. We must stop chasing a number on the scale or a dress size or some magical number of weight loss. We must stop seeing exercise and nutrition as these monoliths in our lives by always focusing on what we haven't done or worse ... the latest fad.

We DO need to start seeing exercise, nutrition and SLEEP for what they are .. the building blocks of our physical and mental health both currently and in the future. Most importantly exercise, sleep and nutrition are absolutely key to longevity. Living a long life of quality. AND THEY ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE AND RELATIVELY LOW COST.

I will not promise you weight loss. Yep, read that one again. I DO NOT promise weight loss. I will provide you with tools, strategies, coaching, support and programs for longevity

This requires honesty of what you are doing, what you want to do and what you are willing to do. It requires taking control and saying I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP

Health starts and ends with you. And I am all in to help you live a long life.

Ready to start?

Whether you are a current member, past member or hopeful a soon-to-be new member, it is never too late to start but you need to start. Starting means taking small daily actions that compound over time to build a healthy, long life on your terms not dictated by chronic disease. It starts with something as simple as 10 minutes of movement and shifting one aspect of your nutrition.

ALL OF THIS IS DO ABLE. I am here to help. I am always available through messaging, email and coaching calls. You are not in this alone but you do have to reach out and ASK.

Reach out here or through the comments on the website. I am one click away to helping you build a life of longevity.

You just need to say ..... YES

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March 27, 2023

Level Up Day 13 2nd time around. Leveled Up the weights. 15/20/25/30 for each round. Every video I cannot believe how much stronger I am. LIFT Max delivers!!!! I am pushing weight I never thought I would push in HIIT workouts. Excited to see the gains continue to grow.


DAY 13

Level Up Cardio is about getting into zone 4 and sustaining it...
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March 02, 2023
• Edited (Apr 25, 2023)

I designed Level Up to be an intermediate to advance program for those TriFIT members who not only wanted to push themselves but could HIIT RePlay over and over again on Level Up and still experience gains.

How you get more is by challenging your weight and depth of movement. After finishing filming LIFT Max I knew I had gained significant muscle. Specifically bulk muscle.

Cycling is a term you hear in the fitness industry and it refers to the cycles of training you go through.

  • First you "bulk" or build muscle

  • Second you lean the muscle

  • Third you had power or explosive movement

Level Up combines the second and third phase beautifully over a 6 month period. By combining LIFT Max you have a 9 month cycle of training that cycle after cycle will continue to challenge and strengthen you.

When I filmed Day 10 I used a 15lb kettle bell for the entire workout. Today I used a 20lb kettle bell for 2 rounds, 25lb kettle bell for 2 rounds and a 30lb kettle for the last round. I can truly say this is a new PB for me and I am excited to achieve many more PB's HIITing RePlay on Level Up.

I know it's tempting to jump around and do the videos you enjoy but I invite and strongly encourage you to do a complete program from beginning to end. These programs are written to bring the best out of you and your body while building strength and BALANCE.

For People new to exercise I recommend:

HIIT10 beginner options -- Back 2 Basics -- HIIT10 advanced options -- HIIT20 --LIFT20

Looking to incorporate weights:

LIFT20 -- HIIT20 -- LIFT Max -- Level Up

Looking to maintain:

LIFT Max -- A Modified Level Up (2-3 days of Level Up, Next day cardio of your choice, Rest Day, Repeat until finished the Program)

Most importantly .... TRACK your progress. record how much you weight you lift, how confident you feel in the movements, if you complete the workout, your heart rate. All are measures of your progress.

Don't forget to share your wins with me! Post to the community board and celebrate. Plus, you just might inspire someone.

~ Amy, you coach and trainer ... and fellow TriFIT member

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February 24, 2023

Still going strong but failing on posting. I did day 2 (arms) today. 

That crosses of the whole first week and 2 days from week 2